In Italy arrested selling helicopters and MANPADS smugglers


Italian police arrested three citizens, suspected of trafficking in 2011-2015 portable air defence systems (MANPADS) and combat helicopters under international sanctions on Libya and Iran. About it reports Reuters.

Charged 51-year-old resident of Rome, the head of the firm on repair of helicopters and a couple from Naples. The fourth suspect is a Libyan — declared in the international search.

According to investigators, the criminal group was engaged in illegal deliveries of weapons and equipment produced in the countries of the former Soviet bloc, through the third countries — Ukraine and Tunisia.

In addition, the head of the firm of Rome is also charged with selling dual-use technology.

August 17, informed journalists Sky News reported on the results of own investigations concerning the smuggling of weapons from Ukraine to the countries of Western Europe. According to them, the criminals know that they are going journalists, but was hoping at least they will gain something. “They didn’t care who we are, if we were willing to pay. During the meeting, they made clear that sell weapons to anyone: the Bank robber, serial killer or terrorist, they don’t care,” he told journalists.

The smugglers said that they can deliver an unlimited amount of weapons and ammunition. They said that the goods are brought from the Ukraine to Romania, where the forces of another group it is delivered to Western Europe and the middle East.