The title of “Miss universe” was won by the French

Iris Mitchiner

The title of “Miss universe” was won by the representative of France, iris is a friendly and informal, reports Reuters.

The top three finalists, in addition to a friendly and informal, composed of representatives of Haiti and Colombia, 25-year-old Raquel Pelissier and 23-year-old Andrea Product.

“Miss France,” the native of Lille, 23 years old, she is studying to be a dental surgeon, according to the contest website. She told me that she loves extreme sports, including skydiving, bungee jumping and hang gliding.

The French only once before won the crown “Miss universe”, it happened in 1953.

The final three-hour show, which was attended by 86 contestants from around the world, was held in the Philippine capital Manila on Monday, January 30.

Winner of the previous contest, Filipina Pia Alonzo Wurzbach gave host Steve Harvey points so he could carefully consider the printed information on the outcome of the contest before you announce it, writes

A year ago Harvey made a mistake when initially declared the winner of the competition representative of Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez, and a crown put on it. Glee Columbine lasted about two minutes before Harvey realized his mistake.

Donald trump, now President of the United States, and before that the owner of the contest, said that in this situation it was necessary to recognize the winners of both participants.

Miss universe is an annual beauty contest, which is attended by the winners of the national finals. The winner of the title is an annual contract, after which she travels the world for advertising purposes. In 2002, the winner of the title was the Russian Oxana Fedorova.