Secretary Goebbels died at the age of 106 years

Brünnhilde Posel

In Munich at the age of 106 years died brünnhilde Posel Secretary to the Minister of public enlightenment and propaganda of Germany Joseph Goebbels. According to the Associated Press, the woman died on Friday, January 27, in his home.

Death Posel confirmed Director and producer Christian Cranes, starred on her documentary called “the Life of one of the Germans,” notes The Washington Post. According to him, the woman died in her sleep.

In August 2016, Pomsel first told details about his work on Goebbels. According to the Germans, she had to follow the stocks of alcohol in Hitler’s bunker. Alcohol was used by the inhabitants of the shelter in order to preserve the “insensitivity”. Among its tasks was also to changes in the statistics of the fallen soldiers, whose number she downplayed, and exaggeration of the number of rapes of German women by Soviet soldiers.

Brünnhilde Pomsel was born 11 January 1911 in Berlin. Starting to work for Goebbels in 1942, she served as his personal Secretary for about three years. The Minister and his wife Magda poisoned their six children before committing suicide may 1, 1945. In the same year, Posel was arrested, she was sentenced to five years imprisonment.

Subsequently, more than 20 years working in the TV channel ARD. According to her, only after her release, she learned about the Holocaust and the policies of Hitler against the Jews.