In Bavaria found the bodies of six young people

In the German town of Arnstein (Bavaria) discovered the bodies of six young people aged 18-19 years. On Monday, January 30, reports Spiegel Online.

It is known that on Saturday, January 28, they went to the party. The father of two of the victims (boys and girls) began to worry about the lack of news from the children and went to the country house where the company intended to spend some time. Here he found the bodies.

The man called an ambulance, but it arrived on the scene, the doctors only verified death of teenagers.

Traces of violent death on their bodies not discovered. According to investigators, the victims were kindled in the house of a wood-burning fireplace, but has the cause of death carbon monoxide poisoning, remains to be seen.

On August 14 last year in one of the centres for refugees the fire broke out. It has affected about 20 people, most of them were poisoned by carbon monoxide.