The Pentagon has accused Russia of developing weapons against satellites


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The head of Space command, U.S. air force John Khayten said that Russia is developing weapons against satellites. This is reported by the Rambler/news citing the official website of the Pentagon.

Khayten noted that Moscow has “anti-satellite abilities” since 1980-ies. “Now Russia is exploring serious opportunities, including lasers for use in space and other ways that could threaten our satellites,” he said.

According to Hatena, Russia’s use of such weapons may lead to the aggravation of the situation with space debris in orbit, which would hinder access to the space.

In addition, the head of us space command argues that soon China will be able to use its resources “to threaten any spacecraft that is in space.”

In may last year, the information on developments of Russia and China weapons against satellites appeared in the American media. Then in Moscow said that such rumors have no basis in reality, and called them “another bluff United States”. In the state Duma reminded that States, “450 of spacecraft in different orbits” with which Americans “monitor the globe”.