The informant WADA Stepanova: I would repeat what I did

The informant WADA runner Yulia Stepanova said that feels comfortable living in the United States, wants to return to Russia and does not intend to play for the national team. She stated this in an interview.


“A year ago I would have said, “Yes, I would love to play for Russia”. Now I changed my mind. Yes, and they don’t want me to see,” said the athlete. Stepanova also explained their actions by the desire to help themselves athletes and sports in General, but, she concluded, of its reasons no one understood.


In addition, the runner said that she was extremely upset about the boycott from the world’s best athletes. The informant WADA complained that the tournament in Boston she “read hostility in the eyes of other athletes.”


“But I have no regrets. If I had the opportunity to do the same again, I would have done” – quoted Stepanov ESPN.


We will remind, Stepanova an interview with ARD television on alleged doping violations in Russia led to the fact that Russian athletes were suspended from the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro and other international tournaments. Stepanova herself is now under a neutral flag.

Photo: Michael Kappeler/ dpa/ Globallookpress