The media learned about the possible failure of trump’s visit to Britain over Prince Charles

Prince Charles

The visit of the President of the United States Donald trump to the UK in June 2017 may fall because of his disagreement with the Prince of Wales Charles on the issue of climate change. About it reports on Sunday, January 29, the newspaper The Sunday Times.

According to the assistant to the President, from the British Prince will be counterproductive to try to “lecture” on this subject the head of state. However, they point out that trump “may explode” if he will press.

The newspaper notes that the President of the United States because of radically different views do not want to meet the son of the Queen of great Britain Elizabeth II during a trip. According to the publication, the American side suggested that trump was welcomed by the sons of Charles, princes William and Harry.

At the same time in London declare that under the Protocol during the state visit means the part of the heir to the throne in events. It is also noted that Charles intends to introduce the subject of ecology in conversation with trump, but it is unlikely to be the basis during negotiations.

The President of the United States known as a critic of the theory of global warming. Previously, he promised to cancel signed by the country in April 2016 the Paris agreement to combat climate change. Prince Charles is an active environmentalist for more than 40 years, is of the opinion that human activity affects the climate.