Le Pen was invited to the Crimea



Of the candidate in presidents of France from the right of the nationalist party “national front” marine Le Pen invited to the Crimea. This was stated by the head of Crimean Parliament Vladimir Konstantinov. His words convey the Rambler/news citing RIA Novosti.

“She’s one of the few politicians who do understand the fate and took the trouble to read the history of Crimea, to understand. (Visit – the Rambler/news) will be important for us, we hope. Most likely, it is possible in the run-up to elections in France,” – said Konstantinov.

The politician noted “accurate and clear” stance of marine Le pen, on the situation in Crimea. As stated by Constantine, many Western politicians “perceive the situation around the Crimea down, not bothering with the desire to understand what is happening”. For his part, Le Pen said that if she wins the presidential election in France, that recognizes the Crimea part of Russia.

In addition, the head of the party “national front” promised in case of victory to normalize Russian-French relations: in particular, Le Pen advocated the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

In basic provisions of the political program of the “National front” includes a cessation of immigration from non-European countries, the abolition of the living wage and public assistance for foreigners, restriction of abortion, the promotion of large families, the return to the death penalty, the revision of treaties with the European Union and withdraw France from the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO).

The election of the President of France will take place in 2017, the first round is scheduled on 23 April, the second on 7 may.