Lawyer Yanukovych has called the conditions for his return to Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych

Former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych is ready to arrive home to attend the court if he will provide security and will also be investigated case about attempt at it. On Sunday, January 29 in an interview to television channel “112 Ukraine”, the lawyer said the fugitive head of state Vitaly Serdyuk.

“The defense is doing everything as quickly as possible had completed investigation in the case of the attempted murder of Yanukovych. If this is the case will still be investigated, will be installed face and the government can provide security, he will participate personally in this matter”, — said Serdyuk.

He added that while the former President in court proceedings will participate remotely.

January 18, Ukrainian media published photos of a letter of Yanukovych to Russian President Vladimir Putin, dated March 1, 2014. In it, the politician is asking the Russian leader to send troops into the country “to restore legality, peace, law and order, stability and protection of the population of Ukraine”. It was also reported that a letter is in the materials of the case against the former Ukrainian leader of treason since November of 2016.

In December last year, the court of Kiev issued a warrant for the arrest of Yanukovych. On the trial it was announced earlier in the month.

In the same month, Yanukovych said in February 2014 an attempt was made to shoot him with accompaniment. According to the former head of state, the motorcade was attacked on the road from Kiev to Kharkov.

Yanukovych was President of Ukraine from 2010 to 2014. He left the country in February 2014 after the Euromaidan — mass protest actions in Kyiv and other cities, during which 106 people were killed.