In new York, protesters have gathered against the ban on the entry of immigrants

Continued: the Court allowed arrivals from Muslim countries to temporarily stay in the U.S.

Protesting against the tightening of the immigration policy of the United States gathered at the international airports, JFK in new York and DULLES in Washington. About it reports on Saturday, January 28, CBS News.

In the John F. Kennedy airport, according to NBC New York, was attended by about 300 people demanding the release of refugees who are denied entry into the United States. They held in hand posters with inscriptions “We are all immigrants” and “Refugees welcome”.

To protest, as reported by WABC, has joined the Alliance of taxi workers in new York, called on all drivers within the hour to serve passengers arriving at the airport or leaving it.

The decree of the President of Donald trump has already led to the detention at the airport, Kennedy 12 people. Among them were who had permission to enter the U.S. a former U.S. army translator in Iraq Hamid Khalid Darwish, who was soon released.

Earlier on January 28, Donald trump said that a decree to toughen immigration policy of the United States is not directed against Muslims. The head of the White house expressed confidence that the measures taken have been effective.

The decree trump to toughen immigration policy, signed January 27, applies to nationals of the seven countries with a predominantly Muslim population. The list of those States were not disclosed, but presumably the sanctions will affect the citizens of Iran, Iraq, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Somalia and the Sudan.

The decision of the head of the White house was criticized in a number of countries in the black list. In particular, Tehran has promised to respond to Washington’s actions balanced measures, reports RIA Novosti. Anti-immigration policy trump also called the office of the Prime Minister of the UK Theresa may.

The Wall Street Journal reported that lawyers from the American civil liberties Union American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit on behalf of two Iraqis, who were not allowed into the United States in connection with the decree of the trump.