Co-founder of the Moscow club Soho Rooms died after falling from the 17th floor

Sergey Tkachenko

Near one of the houses on Shmitovsky proezd in Moscow found the body of a man who died as a result of falling from a great height. This was reported in the investigation Department of the TFR in the capital, reports TASS.

On this fact an inspection is carried out, witnesses are interrogated. RIA Novosti was told in the emergency services, the man fell from the 17th floor.

The deceased was 41 years. He is one of the founders of the Moscow night club Soho Rooms, according to the source TASS in law enforcement bodies. The source confirmed this information and said the name of the crashed men — his name is Sergey, Tkachenko, Sergey, he is known as Jeff.

According to one version, the cause of the incident could be a family quarrel. “It is unclear Tkachenko in the heat of a family squabble was just trying to scare the wife and fell out a window accidentally, or otherwise,” — said the source publication.

Tkachenko was one of the five founders of the Soho Rooms, writes portal The management of the club he left four years ago.