In the state Duma of the Russian green card



In the state Duma plan to give former compatriots special “Russian Card”, similar to the American “green card”. It is expected that the document will give the right to certain privileges: free tuition at universities to the benefits of travel on public transport. In the state Duma believe that the map will contribute to the unification of the Russian, stranded abroad after the collapse of the Soviet Union. If the bill is approved, Russian “green card” will be issued from 1 January 2018.

The Deputy of the state Duma Vladimir Sysoev is developing a draft law on the card of the Russian citizen, the document certifying the identity of the individual — citizen of one of CIS countries or Baltic States to the Russian people.

The bill is aimed at supporting kinship, ethnic and linguistic values of the Russian people in foreign countries. According to the document, the Russian “green card” will give a number of privileges, e.g. the right to work, free education, medical care, discounts on travel to Russia.

“This is a real helping hand to the millions of compatriots who as a result of crash of the USSR was beyond the borders of the Motherland. Despite the extremely difficult conditions, they were Russian patriots, has maintained the traditions of the fathers.

The “Russian card” — a document which, although does not give the citizenship of Russia, returns to our compatriots many believe it right.

They will be able in our country to study and work as other citizens. Or arrive, without paying for a visa,” explained Sysoev.

The bulk of the Russian abroad, living in Ukraine and in Kazakhstan, but a large Diaspora also in Latvia, Estonia, Kyrgyzstan, Belarus and Moldova.

“We’re talking about that today, Russia is regaining the status of superpower once again becoming the Alma mater of all the huge Russian people, who are separated by borders established artificially, as a result of the conspiracy and the coup of 1991. Other countries have a policy aimed at reunification, the integration of their former compatriots. The introduction of the Russian “green card” will be a significant step towards the construction of the Russian world, which began in the Crimea”, — said the MP.

To obtain “green card”

Under the bill, become the owner of a Russian “green card” can citizens of other States who fulfill a number of conditions. In particular, you need to submit proof of a direct relationship Russian or USSR citizen (father, mother, grandmother, grandfather). Or to have informed the citizenship of the Soviet Union.

Another requirement is proficiency in Russian not lower than basic level, the lack of activities (particularly journalists), directed against the Russian state, people and security.

Another prerequisite is the absence of Russian citizenship. If the law is passed, the first Russian “green card”, it is possible to obtain from 1 January 2018. That’s about the time it takes effect.

Like the others

This mechanism is nothing new. Such documents have already been approved by the parliaments of Slovakia, Poland and other neighboring countries. Poland in this sense was a pioneer for the reunification of compatriots by the introduction of a special document. Warsaw gives 2008 this document persons who are citizens of former Soviet republics.

Last year, the Polish government began consideration of amendments to the law on “pole’s Card”, which relate to financial support from the state. According to these amendments, the financial assistance will be able to count cards holders, willing to move to their historical Homeland. The amendments provide for support in the amount of 5400 euros for each family member.

Note that the bill Sysoeva about the reward money speech does not go yet.

First Deputy Chairman of the Commission on social policy, labour relations and quality of life of citizens ‘ Georgy Fedorov supported the initiative of the Deputy Sysoyev. He explained RT that today I have done a lot for the integration of compatriots.

The MP recalled that in April 2014, President Vladimir Putin signed a law on simplified extradition of Russian citizenship compatriots, who are fluent in Russian and live or have lived in the territory of the USSR or the Russian Empire within the present borders of Russia. And in may 2016 was adopted by the simplified procedure of obtaining residence permit in Russia for refugees from the Ukraine. In all, over the past 10 years, he returned to Russia about 560 thousand people.

“Gathering of the Russian people — is a duty. This is evidenced by the President. Unfortunately, until now the mechanisms in proper degree is not worked, but nevertheless we are moving in this direction. Proposed by Vladimir Sysoyev initiative to make a special “Russian card” is right, and will largely eliminate the moral burden that until now we are the biggest divided nation in the world,” — said Fedorov.

“Will go to those who need to earn more money”

Head of the integration centre “Migration and law” Gavkhar Juraeva said that the Russian “green card” must be popular.

“Not yet exhausted the resources that could be added to Russia at the expense of those of our compatriots living in the CIS,” she says.

However, Juraev emphasizes that the possibility of obtaining Russian “green card” should be at the borders of today’s Russia, not the Soviet Union.

“Russia is interested in the influx of their compatriots. We are ready to take responsibility for the entire former Soviet Union? Will the influx of those whom Russia is not needed, and need to earn more money, more opportunities. That is, I believe, is wrong,” — said the expert.

In addition, Juraev added that applying for a “green card” must know the history and culture of Russia and have a very good knowledge of the Russian language.

“Of course, such a “green card” will become a loophole for labor migrants. Any facilitation of the entry is a loophole. The problem of migration will increase,” suggests Juraev.