Volodin urged to learn lessons from the events of 1917


RIA Novosti

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin considers necessary to think about the historical fate of the country and to draw lessons from the events of 1917, and noted that the history of Russia single and continuous. According to Volodina, “the revolution caused a split society, which resulted in a long fratricidal war, repression”, reports TASS.

“About their sacrifices we will always remember. It is this historical memory of a century later, should serve as a warning to avoid the same mistakes,” he said at a Christmas parliamentary meetings in the State Duma.

This Volodin referred to the provisions of the President’s address to the Federal Assembly, noting that “the lessons of history is necessary first of all for reconciliation, to strengthen the social, political, civil harmony, which we managed to achieve”.

We will remind, in January of last year, Putin said that the idea of the leader of the revolution Vladimir Lenin led to the destruction of historical Russia. Later, in his December message to the Federal Assembly, Putin stressed that the century of the February and October revolutions in 2017 is a significant occasion to refer to the reasons and nature of those events, and the lessons of history, according to him, the need for “reconciliation and strengthening social, political, and civil consent”.

In turn, the Patriarch explained the revolution of 1917, the weakening of faith in God.