The widow of Vladimir Zeldin died 3 months after her husband

The widow of actor Vladimir Zeldin Ivetta Kapralova died at the age of 80 years. Reports radio station “Moscow speaking” with reference to her personal assistant Mary.


Kapralova died Saturday, January 28. According to preliminary data, the cause of death was heart failure.


A few months ago, October 31, 2016, the death of her husband Vladimir Zeldin. He was 101 years old. Until the last days he did not leave the profession and continued to perform on stage.


Memories of meeting Kapralova and Zeldin on his page on Instagram has shared the actor Stanislav Sadalsky.


“They were married almost 50 years ago, when Yvette studied at the faculty of journalism. She was considered one of the main beauties of the faculty, and the news that Kapralova married to actor Vladimir Zeldin, who is older than her by almost two times, became a sensation. They met when Yvette after graduation came to work in the Bureau of propaganda of Soviet cinema in the Union of cinematographers.


Zeldin was then 47 years old, and the mother of his future wife was just in shock that her daughter is caring and famous, but quite old for her. After two years of a romantic relationship, they got married,” he wrote.

Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti