The Council of chief designers approved the 27 projects advanced weapons

Vladimir Putin and Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin


RIA Novosti

The Council of chief designers of General purpose forces has approved 27 projects in the field of creation of promising arms, said Vice-Premier Dmitry Rogozin at a meeting of the military-industrial complex with participation of President Vladimir Putin. On Thursday, January 26, reports TASS.

“The military-industrial Commission Board last year in conjunction with the Ministry of defense, Ministry of industry and Asgardia has completed the formation of such a Council has approved a list of 27 projects that ensure the development of advanced models, systems, and weapons systems of General purpose”, — said Rogozin.

In addition, the Vice Prime Minister informed about the approval of the leadership of the Council of chief designers and the appointment of chief designers for all 27 projects.

In December 2016, Rogozin said that the state armaments program for the years 2017-2025 (GLS-2025) is expected to approve in July 2017. He refused to clarify expenditures for the program, noting that it will be known after its approval.