Pregnant woman thrown from ambulance in a traffic accident near Magadan

On the road near Magadan, an accident involving the ambulance, which was carrying a pregnant woman. As a result of collision the patient was thrown out of the body on the road, according to MagadanMedia.

The accident occurred on January 26, seven kilometers from the regional center, specified on the website of Ministry of internal Affairs of the Magadan region. The traffic police found that the driver of the ambulance lost control and crossed into the oncoming lane, resulting in collision with the Nissan Cedric.

In the state traffic Inspectorate said the patient the ambulance and the driver of the Nissan “received injuries and were taken to the Magadan regional hospital”.

According to the TV channel “360”, which published a video of the accident, after examination at the hospital the doctors found that the life of a pregnant woman or her child out of danger, and the threat of premature birth have been removed.