In the state Duma the draft law is being finalized on the records of convicted for pedophilia


RIA Novosti

The bill on the registration of persons convicted of pedophilia, is being finalized at present and the state Duma. It will reduce the risk of the admission of such nationals to work with children, told TASS first Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on education and science Gennady Onishchenko.

Earlier, the investigating authorities organized a test on the information media about the illegal actions by some teachers at a Moscow school in relation to students. From the message one of the online publications it follows that for a long time teachers, including the principal of the school, located in the South-West of Moscow, the students were taken to children’s camps where committed in respect of their conduct of a sexual nature. According to media reports, attacks on sexual freedom and inviolability of children also occurred on the school grounds.

“Pedophilia is still a medical diagnosis and to some extent people predisposed, trying at the stage of education into the system, where there are children”, – shared his opinion of Onishchenko. According to him, on consideration in the state Duma recently had a bill on amendments into the current legislation concerning the prevention of sexual harassment against minors, but he was rejected because of the claim to clarity.

“There have been quite a rare phenomenon in the state Duma: although the law was rejected, but the decision was made to create a working group to more thoroughly work through the document to him still to take,” – said Onishchenko. According to the MP, the draft law implies, in particular, the accounting people who the court recognized as pedophiles.

“If this is passed, will be the legal basis…. Unfortunately, they fall under the article of the law, when can parole be released and generally what happens: condemn them, and they are two years out”, – said Onishchenko. According to him, the question of whether to give pedophiles the right to parole, is also discussed in the framework of the amendments. The MP believes that it is necessary to involve the situation around the Moscow school of civil society, in particular parents Association.