New German foreign Minister spoke about future priorities of German foreign policy,

Sigmar Gabriel

Assigned on Friday, January 27, Minister of foreign Affairs Sigmar Gabriel spoke about what will be the foreign policy of the FRG. About it reports Reuters.

He said that Germany will remain committed to the principle of the unity of Europe will continue to focus on the Transatlantic partnership with the US and will practice a multi-pronged approach to international problems. Thus, the Minister stressed the continuity of German foreign policy,.

Gabriel also commented on the growing influence of populist parties and movements in Europe. He noted that they are exploiting the fears of the population, promising to reconsider the priorities in domestic and foreign policy, and stated that trust them would be a big mistake.

According to the Minister, Germany must be met, any political change in the United States “with confidence and dignity.” Sigmar Gabriel said that looking forward to meeting with the new U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson.

Gabriel is known for his Pro-Palestinian position: in 2012, he called Israel “a country with an apartheid regime”. He also took a moderate stance on the Ukrainian conflict, urging “to solve the Ukrainian problem, not to force Russia to kneel down” and offering to ease sanctions against Moscow in exchange for cooperation in Syria. He also called on Saudi Arabia to cease support for radical militants.