Zakharova had hoped for benefits received from Putin the order of feeding daughters

Vladimir Putin and Maria Zakharova

After receipt of the order from the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, the official representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said in the Facebook story about his daughter.

According to the diplomat, a few months ago, she came home very late. Tired of waiting for her daughter “asked the question of the century”: “you Putin shook his hand?”

When the mother replied in the negative, Mariana disappointedly said: “I thought that stings”.

“And here on January 26. As a child at home to talk. And let him try again the soup to finish”, — Zakharov wrote, adding a smiley — laughing cat.

Thursday in the Catherine hall of the Kremlin, Putin presented state awards and documents on assignment of honorary titles to more than 30 Russians. Zakharov was awarded the order of Friendship.

Later, the foreign Ministry spokesman said that day was not personally familiar with the President, saw him only from afar.

Zakharov became the Director of the Department of information and press of the foreign Ministry in August 2015, succeeding Alexander Lukashevich. Prior to that, she was his Deputy. Has the diplomatic rank of extraordinary and Plenipotentiary envoy of the second class. She is married and has a daughter.