In Moscow the taxi driver threw the two year old out of the car for the soiled seat

Continued: Against witakowski baby from the car of the taxi driver opened a case

In the capital, the driver had quarreled with a passenger and pushed her with the child out of the car. The boy fell and hit his head on the ground, said the Agency “Moscow” in the press service of the city of the MIA.

According to his representative, the police received information that a health facility delivered a boy 2014 born with injuries.

As found by law enforcement officers, on the road between the driver and the passenger had a conflict, the reason for which was that the child was stained legs seat. Then the taxi driver got out of the car and pulled the woman and the boy.

The identity of the driver is identified, he is taken to the police for trial. In fact the incident is checked, the results of which procedural decision will be made.

According to a source in law enforcement bodies, the two year-old boy was diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury and concussion. A spokesman said that the 24-year-old woman called a taxi at the 1st street Engineering. The driver drove them to their destination on the street Vorontsovsky, where the conflict occurred.