The West must talk with Russia from a position of strength – the Prime Minister of great Britain

Prime Minister Theresa may said that the West must conduct a dialogue with Russia from a position of strength, however, to avoid conflicts and to be alert as reports TASS. This statement may have made during a visit to the American Philadelphia, where he spoke at a meeting of the Republican party.


“In terms of the conflict between Russia and the West there is nothing imminent. And there is no inevitability to the prospect of a return to the days of the cold war. However, we need to engage with Russia from a position of strength. We need to build relationships, systems and processes so that the possibility of cooperation prevailed over the threat of conflict,” said Theresa may.


During the same speech, the head of the British government, he voiced his opinion on the state of the United Nations. According to Theresa may, the UN needs to reform and change, however, is still a viable organization. Also the British Prime Minister called Russia, along with China, “a state with little tradition of democracy.”

Photo: imago stock&people / Globallookpress