The family of a Siberian, to protect daughters from a drug addict, committed another assault

Sixteen-year-old daughter of Viktor Hanchar, who was recently released after a high-profile trial, suffered from the attacks of the unknown in Novosibirsk. Hanchar killed a drug addict, broke into his apartment, but was released. And after a time began the attacks on his family.


The eldest girl was attacked in the afternoon near the school. She was hit from behind a man dressed in black.


“Suddenly behind someone ran up, struck on the back and head. I fell on my stomach. Looked around man, all in black,” – said Marina.


Now her examined at the hospital the doctors suspected that the girl has a concussion.


The attacker, as the witnesses of the attack, looking for the police. In fact the incident is checked.


Another attack on the family of Viktar Ganchar was committed on January 19. At youngest, nine-year-old girl, attacked with fists the older woman. The child had to be hospitalized.


Two years ago, a man in a condition of narcotic intoxication broke into the apartment of Hanchar and tried to grab young girls. The head of the family pushed him into the entrance. A fight broke out and one of the blows proved fatal for the addict.


The court sentenced Viktar Hanchar to seven years in strict regime colony. Later, the court commuted the article, and the man was released early.