In the United States fear of the superiority of Russian military vehicles


RIA Novosti

Russian developments in the field of land military technology can surpass us samples, according to the Washington Free Beacon, citing a report of the congressional Research service.

The us army is using tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers and multiple launch rocket system, created in the days of confrontation with the USSR. In recent years, billions of dollars in modernisation plans were canceled, while potential adversaries the US has financed new developments.

“Countries such as Russia and China, not only modernize the existing ground combat system but also create a completely new,” — said in the report.

In particular, the document notes, the new Russian and Chinese tanks began to mount guns of greater caliber, which increases the range and allows you to better penetrate armor. British intelligence and even called the Russian tank T-14 on the platform “Armata” a “revolution in tank”.

“As in the U.S. new vehicles are not developed, and the creation of new systems will require decades, you may receive an upgraded or new foreign weapons system that will exceed the U.S.,” the analysts warn.

The US military and a number of congressmen raised concerns due to the 2013 sequestration of the military budget. They call to increase defense spending, which last year amounted to about $ 600 billion. President Donald trump has announced its intention to “restore” the armed forces, which, according to him, fell into disrepair. At the same time, he emphasized that to build a foreign policy “in diplomacy, not destruction.”