The expert commented on the Russian draft Constitution for Syria

The Russian draft Constitution for Syria is important because it is a concrete plan that can be discussed and adjusted as necessary. This was stated by the chief researcher of the Institute of Oriental studies Irina Zvyagelskaya in an interview with “the”. According to her, simple conversations about the new Constitution are not of much use, in contrast to the text with the specific points. At the same time Zvyagelskaya believes that some provisions of the document may be unacceptable not only for opponents of the regime, but also to Damascus. “The current government and the President will oppose a number of provisions. I’m not sure they want that the government proposed to rename to “Syrian Republic”, removing from the title the word “Arab”,” — said the expert. She also noted that in the main document of the country will be the major two themes: the limitation of powers

The Crimean diocese has said it is ready to compromise on the “Tauric Chersonese”

Simferopol and Crimea diocese has said it is ready to seek compromise on the future of the Museum-reserve “Chersonese”, reports “Interfax”. “The diocese is ready to seek a compromise solution, say, of certain objects that will determine the current asset holder, for example, to conclude an agreement on joint use or to consider other proposals,” — said in a statement the diocese. Earlier, the Ministry of culture, which manages the reserve, called the question of change of the owner of “Chersonese” discussion. The Director of the Museum Svetlana Melnikova said that the institution in case of transfer of the Church can be severely damaged. The Union of museums of Russia said that the result of a transfer can be an exception “Chersonese” by the UNESCO. On 23 January it became known that the Simferopol and Crimean diocese is preparing a request to the Federal property management Agency about the transfer

The explosion at the Penza CHPP man died

In Penza the CHP was an explosion, presumably of gas-air mixture. TASS on Thursday, January 26, reported in the regional Central Board MOE. After that, in the area of 600 square meters, collapsed the metal structure. On the scene of fire and rescue Department. As a result of emergency one person died, the Agency told the Center for disaster medicine. According to RIA Novosti, the incident did not affect the heat of the city and region. Penza CHPP No. 1 is located in the house №1 along the street Novocherkassk.

Actor Livanov asked Putin “not even think” about resignation of the President

Vasily Livanov Actor Vasily Livanov during an awards ceremony in the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin called not to leave the post of President of Russia. On Thursday, January 26, the correspondent “reports”. “Vladimir Vladimirovich, if you ever carefully look up to the sky, you will hear a voice: “don’t move!” And this is the voice of our great Motherland — Russia”, — said Livanov. The artist reminded the President that during one of his visits to Chelyabinsk it has excited local residents words, to leave the presidency. Livanov also thanked Putin for the order of Merit which was awarded to him. Earlier Thursday it was reported that the Russian leader presented state awards to 30 the Russians for his services in various fields. The ceremony was held in the Catherine hall of the Kremlin. December 5, Putin, answering a question of the employee of the Chelyabinsk enterprise “Eterno” about his

Zyuganov told, what should be the preparation for the centenary of the revolution

Photo: RIA Novosti Preparation for the 100th anniversary of the revolution must rely on the program creation, it is impossible to prevent Russophobia and anti-Sovietism, said Communist party leader Gennady Zyuganov. “Our team has begun the training of the century of the Great October revolution. In the next two or three days there will be meetings, seminars, interviews, meetings organizing committees,” — said Zyuganov journalists. “The main instrument of the destruction of the Soviet countries were Russophobia and anti-Sovietism. If this wave will start training for the century of the Great October revolution, the country is not a promise. In my opinion, it is necessary to rely on a program to create. We offer this specific program, “Ten steps to a decent life,” he said.

Punishment for desecration of flags of subjects of the Russian Federation can be tightened

Photo: RIA Novosti Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on physical culture, sport, tourism and youth Affairs Valery Gazzayev (“Fair Russia”) has submitted to the state Duma a bill which proposes to introduce criminal liability for abuse of official symbols of the Russian Federation. In the case of the adoption of the document (a copy is in TASS), such actions will be equal to the desecration of state symbols. Changes can be made to article 329 of the Criminal code (CC) of the Russian Federation. Now we will be talking about responsibility for violation of the state emblem or flag of the Russian Federation. For it is punishable by deprivation of liberty for a term up to one year, or compulsory works for the same term, or arrest for a term of three to six months, or deprivation of liberty for a term up to one year. As the developer

“Fulcrum” aviation in Russia: what can the MiG-35

Share {{secondsToDateTime(data.visiblePosition) | date: ‘HH:mm:ss’}} / {{(videoDuration | date: ‘HH:mm:ss’) || ’00:46′}} {{secondsToDateTime(data.visiblePosition) | date: ‘mm:ss’}} / {{(videoDuration | date: ‘mm:ss’) || ’00:46′}} {{qualityItem | uppercase}} HD .mp4 High quality SD .mp4 Medium quality © TASS/Ruptly 26 January in the Moscow suburb of Lukhovitsy for manufacturing complex aircraft Corporation “MiG” (part of UAC) began flight tests of a new multipurpose fighter MiG-35 (NATO classification — Fulcrum-F, which means “fulcrum”. — Approx. TASS). This was announced by the President of UAC, Yuri Slusar. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin during the video conference, which was held on the occasion of the start of flight testing of the aircraft, assessed the possibility of a new multipurpose fighter. According to him, the MiG-35 has improved features and is equipped with the most modern weapons.

DPS officer pulled a gun on the driver in the Udmurt Republic

DPS officer pulled a gun on the driver, stopped them on the road. The incident was recorded by the camera recorder, mounted in the car of a motorist. Later the videotaped incident was posted online and caused outrage among Internet users.   The fourth of January on the route Izhevsk – Votkinsk DPS officer stopped the car and asked the driver to produce documents. Having been refused, the inspector sent the young cheovek gun.   Following the incident the interior Minister in the Republic of Udmurtia Alexander Pervukhin has appointed official investigation.

Advisor to the President suggested to get rid of disloyal messengers

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Herman Klimenko suggested to strengthen control over the Internet following the example of China. He is confident that this will help to ensure Russia’s information security. This statement the Advisor made during his speech at the course “Army and society” at the Academy of the General staff, the correspondent “Stars”.   Klimenko urged to look to the Chinese authorities, who were able to ignore public opinion in the issue of Internet freedom.   “One way is the Chinese version. Certainly, control is necessary because there are no opportunities to prevent it. China is less sensitive to the opinion of the company, they assessed the threat and have limited Internet. Now they have no such problems”, – said the presidential adviser.   However, he suggested to get rid of foreign social networks and messengers who refuse to cooperate with law enforcement agencies of

Ukraine has started the preparation of a plan for reintegration of Crimea

The Ukrainian government is preparing a document aimed to reintegrate the Crimea. In an interview with “Ukrainian truth” said the Minister on the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons Vadim Chernysh.   According to him, a similar plan of reintegration of Donbass was approved in mid-January. The document implies the provision of certain services to the inhabitants of the territories that came under the control of Kiev. For example, Ukraine is ready to provide them remote education in their schools, organize sports activities, to rebuild the infrastructure, to provide radio and television broadcasting.   A similar document is now being prepared in respect of the Crimea.   “Crimea is now preparing a similar document. It will be discussed with the public and international partners. I think we need another month”, – said Blackie.   According to him, the issue of restoration of economic relations in the document will not