Advisor to the President suggested to get rid of disloyal messengers

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation Herman Klimenko suggested to strengthen control over the Internet following the example of China. He is confident that this will help to ensure Russia’s information security. This statement the Advisor made during his speech at the course “Army and society” at the Academy of the General staff, the correspondent “Stars”.


Klimenko urged to look to the Chinese authorities, who were able to ignore public opinion in the issue of Internet freedom.


“One way is the Chinese version. Certainly, control is necessary because there are no opportunities to prevent it. China is less sensitive to the opinion of the company, they assessed the threat and have limited Internet. Now they have no such problems”, – said the presidential adviser.


However, he suggested to get rid of foreign social networks and messengers who refuse to cooperate with law enforcement agencies of Russia and to give out information about their users.


“We are in a strange position, when the territory of the Russian Federation is a foreign company, earns money, nevertheless, to any request of law enforcement she did not answer. Sorry, we can’t write in What’sapp and ask them to disable encryption”, – said Klimenko.

Foto: CHROMORANGE / Bilderbox / Globallookpress