The expert commented on the Russian draft Constitution for Syria

The Russian draft Constitution for Syria is important because it is a concrete plan that can be discussed and adjusted as necessary. This was stated by the chief researcher of the Institute of Oriental studies Irina Zvyagelskaya in an interview with “the”.

According to her, simple conversations about the new Constitution are not of much use, in contrast to the text with the specific points. At the same time Zvyagelskaya believes that some provisions of the document may be unacceptable not only for opponents of the regime, but also to Damascus. “The current government and the President will oppose a number of provisions. I’m not sure they want that the government proposed to rename to “Syrian Republic”, removing from the title the word “Arab”,” — said the expert.

She also noted that in the main document of the country will be the major two themes: the limitation of powers of the President of the country and reducing the role of the intelligence services, which, according to her, in today’s Syria is not only very strong but also compete among themselves.

“Set of ideas” project of the Syrian Constitution and called in the Russian Ministry of foreign Affairs — this wording was used by the representative of the foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

On 24 January, the Russian delegation at the talks in Astana were handed over to representatives of the armed Syrian opposition proposals for amendments to the Constitution of Syria.

Currently in Syria there is one basic law adopted in 2012.

The full interview with Irina Zvyagelskaya will be available on “” on January 28.