Madeleine Albright declared readiness to enroll in Muslim women

Madeleine Albright

Former U.S. Secretary of state Madeleine Albright said it was ready to enroll in Muslim women, so she reacted to the tightening of the US President Donald trump policies towards refugees and migrants. She wrote about this in his microblog on Twitter on Wednesday, January 25.

Madeleine Albright (@madeleine)
25 January 2017, 18:18

“I grew up Catholic, became a member of the Episcopal Church and later found out that my family was Jewish. I’m ready to register as a Muslim in solidarity,” wrote the 79-year-old politician.

She noted that “the statue of Liberty’s no small print”, so the United States must remain open to “people of all faiths and origin.”

Madeleine Albright (@madeleine)
25 January 2017, 18:18

Near the statue of Liberty in new York, for many years was a main immigration point for entry into the United States.

Previously, on 25 January, trump has signed two decrees — about tightening immigration policy, which is required to expel the offending American laws immigrants, illegal immigrants, and the construction of the border wall in Mexico, and promised to complete this project at the expense of neighboring countries.

Later it became known that the President plans to 120 days to suspend admission to the U.S. all refugees and those who arrived from Syria, to close the entrance completely.

Madeleine Albright was the first female U.S. Secretary of state, a position she held from 1997 to 2001, when the President was Democrat bill Clinton.