The NYT learned about reducing the US role in the UN the draft decree trump

The administration of the President of the United States Donald trump is preparing decrees that can lead to a drastic reduction of the role of the United States to the United Nations (UN) and other international organizations. According to The New Yotk Times (NYT), citing documents at the disposal of edition.

One of the edicts provides for the cessation of funding for all UN agencies and other organizations, if they grant full membership to the Palestinian authority or the Palestine liberation Organization. Also without funding should remain all who support the programme of abortion or any activity to bypass sanctions against Iran and North Korea.

In addition, the project document envisages the cessation of funding of any organization that is “controlled or substantially influenced by any state sponsoring terrorism” or accused of persecution of minorities or any other systematic violation of human rights.

The decree in the case of its signing by the tramp can lead to the fact that the United States will limit the financing of international organizations by 40 percent, thereby severely hampering the work of UN agencies annually receives from Washington billions of dollars, said very surprised to quality York Times.

The draft of the second Directive provides for the review of all agreements signed with more than one state that do not involve “national security, extradition and world trade.” The document notes the need to develop recommendations regarding the participation in certain contracts. In particular, under the Ordinance can get the Paris agreement on climate and other environmental treaties.

January 14, Samantha Power, who was at that time the post of U.S. permanent representative to the UN, warned that if Washington would cut funding for the UN, the main role in it will play Russia and China. “If the US leadership in the UN is weakened, other countries will take our place”,  the diplomat said.

23 Dec Donald trump has promised change in “all that relates to the UN” after his inauguration to the presidency. He said this after the United States abstained in the UN security Council on a resolution prohibiting the construction of Israeli settlements in Palestine.

Earlier in the day, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2334, requiring Israel to stop building settlements in the occupied territories. The document was supported by all security Council members except the United States. Five years ago, during the consideration of the same resolution, the Washington vetoed.