White house urged to leave alone the youngest son of trump

Barron trump (centre)

The US administration urged the public to leave alone the President’s son Donald trump 10-year-old Barron. A statement published on the White house website.

“In the long tradition of children of the presidents are given the opportunity to grow without having to be given political attention. The white house expects that this tradition will continue. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter”, — stated in the message.

Earlier, some Internet users ridiculed the boy for his behavior at the inauguration of his father. They thought that the baby looked sleepy and absent. Also it seemed ridiculous that the student decided to play with my nephew-the baby, son of Ivanka trump.

In particular, the writer of the TV show Saturday Night Live on NBC, Katie rich posted a tweet about Barron trump. She wrote that the boy “will be the first in the country school shooter homeschooled”. The TV station suspended her from work. After criticism from the media and users of social networks she deleted the account, and on Monday, January 23, apologized.

Later, Barron stood the 36-year-old Chelsea Clinton, daughter of bill and Hillary Clinton. “Barron trump deserves a chance, which is needed by every child — the opportunity to be a child,” she wrote on Facebook.

After the incident, the network is back to talk about the fact that Barron is autistic, and his parents hide this fact. For the first time to discuss this possibility began in November 2016 after winning trump in the presidential election. First lady Melania trump then promised to sue the blogger who first posted a video with the relevant “evidence”.