Putin promised to revive the “dead” road to silver

Eugene Kuyvashev

The Governor of Sverdlovsk region Evgeny Kuyvashev promised to repair the road in Nizhny Tagil — the village of Serebryanka, on which President Vladimir Putin complained during the annual big press conference in December last year. On Tuesday, January 24, reported on the Kremlin website.

Kuyvashev said that the road length of 50 kilometers has not been repaired for over 30 years. “By June 1 we will provide the operating condition. Since last year we started to allocate money for this road, and definitely the Commission that you gave on the results of the press conference, will be implemented fully and on time,” said the Governor.

For repair coating of road Nizhny Tagil — the silverfish from the regional budget will allocate more than 100 million rubles, said RIA Novosti.

24 Dec 2016 about the problems of the village Serebryanka the President told a journalist from the Urals publications. According to him, last year during the thaw settlement was completely cut off from the outside world. The elderly were forced to take on credit, because could not get to the Tagil and get a pension. After this, Putin ordered to ensure safe and uninterrupted traffic on the road to the Silverfish. Report on the execution was entrusted to the 1st of June.

14 April 2016 during a straight line Vladimir Putin the inhabitant of Omsk has told the head of state about the terrible condition of roads in the city. In response, the President proposed to increase road funds by 40 billion rubles, and “make it so that funds went to road construction or repair.”