The military has shown anti-missile shield Moscow


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In 2016, the crews of the compounds of the air and missile defense (air and missile defense) aerospace forces (VKS) has conducted more than 750 training workouts for the detection of conventional ballistic missiles, their support, coordinate measurement, analysis of the composition of complex goals and anti-missiles.

According to the defense Ministry, the radar station (radar) “don-2N” missile defense system was discovered more than ten launches of ballistic missiles and space rockets made of Russian sites, launch sites, and marine areas. Was also made a test transaction of about 250 space objects, of which more than 80 space objects were classified as critical.

Moscow “The Cupid”

Missile defense system (NMD) A-135 “Amur” covering Moscow and the Central industrial district (from Bryansk to Kostroma, about 486,0 thousand sq km) and is equipped with silo-based interceptor missiles. She was adopted in 1995.