One third of Ukrainians ready to leave the country forever

A third of Ukrainian citizens are ready to leave the country forever. This is evidenced by research conducted by the Ukrainian company Research & Branding Group, says “Segodnia”. And only slightly more than half of Ukrainians do not want to go anywhere.


“In December of 2016, 34 percent of the population were ready to leave Ukraine, while 55 percent of Ukrainians said that would not want to go somewhere”, the study says.


It is noted that the migration intentions of the population in the country compared to February of 2015 grew by six percent.


The portal emphasizes that most of those who are ready to leave Ukraine – the youth.


“We expect soon the “rejuvenation” of the Ukrainian labor migration. Youth looking for better opportunities, she’s more active, and many of them speak a foreign language”, – said the press Secretary of the representative office of the International organization for migration in Ukraine Varvara zhluktenko.


According to her, according to a survey by IOM in 2015, back in the country going 60% of labor migrants, however, among young Ukrainians are going to return less than half of the respondents.

Photo: Nazar Furyk / / Globallookpress