Ugra Deputy asked to apologize for a post about garbage

The ethics Commission of the city Duma of Moscow has recognized the fact of violation of the parliamentary ethics parliamentarian Anton by Antinym. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, January 24. “I believe that attacks of this kind on representative all-Russian popular front (onf), which accuses the local government in a poor performance of their duties, receive their negative assessment in the regional and Federal authorities,” — said the MP. On Pantina received a complaint from the municipal enterprise “Yugorskenergogaz”, which is responsible for the removal and disposal of household waste in the city. The appeal stated that the entry of the Deputy in social networks spoil the reputation of the company and is not true. At the meeting of the Commission on rules, rulemaking and ethics of the city Duma, which took place on January 24, Pantino recommended to apologize and publish a retraction.

Admiral Komoedov has offered to consider the creation of a military Alliance with China

Vladimir Komoyedov Russia and China should consider creation of a military Alliance, if relations with the United States the two countries will not improve. Such a proposal in an interview with “” voiced Admiral Vladimir Komoyedov, in the last convocation of the state Duma head of the Duma defence Committee. “It’s time Russia and China have to agree on something. If will not improve relations with the United States, then it might be worth talking about a military Alliance to think” — said Komoedov, Recalling that former US President Barack Obama has positioned Russia and China as his main rivals. “Then everything will fall into place”, — he stressed. Commenting on the placement by China of ballistic missiles in the border province, the Admiral noted that this same conversation can take place only between leaders of the two countries Vladimir Putin and XI Jinping. Tuesday, 24 January, first Deputy Chairman

Putin’s visit to Budapest will be held February 2

Photo: RIA Novosti The Minister of foreign Affairs of Hungary péter Szijjártó confirmed that the meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Hungarian counterpart Janos Ader will take place on 2 February, reports TASS. “Seriously preparing for the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in Budapest on February 2. Looking forward to this visit due to the rapid change of international situation”, – said the diplomat. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov, in his turn, noted that he intends to discuss with Siarto “the implementation of the tasks set in the course held in February 2016 in Moscow the meeting of Putin and Prime Minister of Hungary Viktor Orban. “You know that in addition to today’s meeting in the foreign Ministry you will have the opportunity in almost all respects of interaction to speak with Russian representatives” – said Lavrov. Earlier, the press Secretary of the

HRC prepared critical comments on the “Spring package”

Photo: Kommersant The members of the Council under RF President on development of civil society and human rights (HRC) has prepared critical comments on the anti-terrorism package of laws (the so-called “Spring package”). At the conclusion of the project, a copy of which is available on TASS, indicated that the number of regulations imposed by this law, “creates opportunities for arbitrariness and abuse in the imposition of liability.” In particular, such a definition, the members of the Council used in relation to the article of the criminal code “failure to report a crime.” “Liability for non-notification to the competent authorities about known preparing or committed crime not is based on clearly defined elements of a crime from the point of view, neither the objective nor the subjective side. It is not clear why and how a person must determine the appropriate body for the message; it is impossible to describe,

Konchalovsky will be awarded the medal of tolerance for the film “Paradise”

Russian Director Andrei Konchalovsky in Brussels will be awarded the medal of tolerance for the film “Paradise”. About it writes RIA Novosti with reference to the press service of the European Jewish Congress.   “Impressive black-and-white drama reminds us all about the horrors of the Holocaust and the pain of the Jewish people, but for the first time in detail and fairly shows the different aspects of this tragedy”, – is spoken in the message.   The award Konchalovsky will be awarded by the representatives of the European Council on tolerance and reconciliation. So the organization decided to celebrate “outstanding achievements in the promotion of democracy and respect on the European continent,” Russian Director. Photo: Dave Bedrosian ZUMAPRESS / Globallookpress

The white house urged the media to leave alone the Barron trump

The White house expects that 10-year-old son of the President of the United States Donald trump Barron cease to be the object of attention of the press, it is reported TASS with reference to press-service of administration of the head of the country.   “In accordance with longstanding tradition, children of presidents have the opportunity to grow outside of the political realm, which attracted a lot of attention. The white house fully expects that this tradition will continue. We appreciate your cooperation on this issue”, – said in the White house.   The youngest son of the President of the United States Donald trump has come to the attention of the American media and social networks. The interest was so great that even the daughter of presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Chelsea made in his defense, stating that Barron trump deserves a chance to be a child, like all children.  

In Lithuania sent hundreds of German military

In Lithuania until the end of January will arrive 450 German military, who, after the Belgian soldiers will join a multinational NATO battalion, write “Izvestia“.   According to the newspaper, which confirmed in the Federal Ministry of defence of Germany, it is only the first group of soldiers that would be sent to Lithuania. Its main task will be the coordination of the movement of the main force, scheduled for February 2017.   According to experts, by creating a similar ethnic battalions, NATO, Moscow is sending a signal. And the decision about the deployment of the battalions talks about efforts to demonstrate the power of the Alliance. Photo: Matthias Balk dpa / Globallookpress

The White house explained the intention of the trump to establish relations with Russia

The President of the United States Donald trump is adamant that his country will be able to get along with Russia “because he is well able to conclude the transaction.” This is the answer given to the question TASS correspondent on this subject, the press Secretary of trump Sean Spicer at a regular briefing for journalists in the White house. “He will do everything possible to defend the interests of our country”, — said the representative of the White house. According to Spicer, this applies to all areas — “protect the interests of American taxpayers to work with other countries to protect national security or economic interests” of the United States. “And if we manage to get along, he will sign a deal which would be in the best interests of our country,” said Spicer. 11 Jan trump for the first time as elected President, held a press-conference in which

Nikki Haley approved in the post of US Ambassador to the UN

Nikki Haley The U.S. Senate overwhelmingly endorsed Nikki Haley as Ambassador to the UN. It was voted 96 senators, against — four, including Democrat Bernie Sanders, Reuters reports. Some senators expressed concern about the lack of a 45-year-old Hayley of experience in the field of foreign policy. The candidacy of Haley, who served as Governor of South Carolina, nominated new President of the United States Donald trump. Earlier the post of the US Ambassador to the UN was held by Samantha Power, appointed by previous President Barack Obama. Its mandate expired on 20 January in connection with the launch of the new U.S. administration led by trump. Earlier, the President promised change in “all that relates to the UN” after his inauguration. “Everything about the UN change after January 20,” said trump.

Svanidze criticized Tolstoy, that the destroyers of temples

Nicholas Sanjarani: the head of the HRC compared the anti-Semitism of syphilis in connection with the statements Tolstoy Historian and journalist Nikolai Svanidze, condemned Vice-speaker of the state Duma Peter Tolstoy for the statement, which the MP accused of anti-Semitism. On Tuesday, January 24, according to the national news service (NSN). “You have two options: either the person doesn’t know what he’s talking about, which is strange for the Vice-speaker of the State Duma and a professional journalist. Or he understands what’s worse, — said Svanidze. We evaluate the statement is not in accordance with what he had in mind, but with what we hear and read”. Earlier Tuesday, speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin, commenting on the situation, noted that the pale in the Russian Empire spread including convicts. Tolstoy himself said he did not mean any nationality, commenting on the transfer of the Saint Isaac’s Cathedral Russian