Ugra Deputy asked to apologize for a post about garbage

The ethics Commission of the city Duma of Moscow has recognized the fact of violation of the parliamentary ethics parliamentarian Anton by Antinym. About this he wrote on his page in Facebook on Tuesday, January 24.

“I believe that attacks of this kind on representative all-Russian popular front (onf), which accuses the local government in a poor performance of their duties, receive their negative assessment in the regional and Federal authorities,” — said the MP.

On Pantina received a complaint from the municipal enterprise “Yugorskenergogaz”, which is responsible for the removal and disposal of household waste in the city. The appeal stated that the entry of the Deputy in social networks spoil the reputation of the company and is not true.

At the meeting of the Commission on rules, rulemaking and ethics of the city Duma, which took place on January 24, Pantino recommended to apologize and publish a retraction. The people’s Deputy is convinced that to apologize to him not for that. According to the parliamentarian, if the question is put to a meeting of the Council, he may declare the censure, and deprived of the right to vote.

Pantin during the Christmas holidays has published on his page in the social network video, which depicted the mountains of garbage lying on the streets. In comments to the video he said the garbage disposal is engaged MUP “Yugorskenergogaz”.

16 December 2016 in Parliament of St.-Petersburg has supported a bill that requires public servants upon entry into the post to inform about existing social media accounts.

1 July of the same year entered into force a new law “On state civil service”, which obliges officials to report their accounts in social networks. It is anticipated that on 1 April they will provide information about what social networks and forums participate and under what names.