Five Vladimir Schoolgirls knocked out teeth classmate

A girl born in 2004 hospitalized in the Vladimir region after she was beaten by five schoolmates. On Tuesday, January 24, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Deputy head a press-services UMVD on the region Andrey Tutueva. He said that on 18 January, the victim’s mother contacted the police of the town of Alexandrov, a statement that her daughter was beaten. “At school they have a conflict situation arose, and after school five girls invited this girl to the entrance adjacent to the school building and began to beat her until then, until it started to bleed. Then they stopped and ran away,” explained Tutu. Obesity stabbed classmate punches and kicks, resulting in knocked out her teeth. According to the representative a press-services regional UMVD, the girl will stay in hospital for at least another two weeks. Tutu added that established the identity of all participants of the conflict. They

The young MPs proposed to adopt in the party 16 years old

Deputies from LDPR Vasily Vlasov Boris Chernyshov in the Duma introduced a bill authorizing members of political parties from the age of 16. The document is available in the electronic database of the lower house of the Russian Parliament on Tuesday, January 24. As noted in the explanatory note the draft law was developed with the goal of “greater involvement in the political life of young people, as well as the formation of the youth active political position”. The authors also believe that the involvement of adolescents in political associations will help develop their sense of patriotism. “The participation of young people in the political process can push to the same part and their parents and close relatives and friends as the youth is very socially active category of the population”, — the document says. Currently, to join a political party only after the age of 18. In early December,

Japan will continue negotiations with Russia on joint activity in the Kuril Islands

Photo: RIA Novosti Japan intends to continue negotiations with Russia with the aim of creating a “special system” for carrying out joint economic activities at all the South Kuril Islands. This was stated by Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, answering questions of deputies at the plenary session in the lower house of Parliament. “With regard to joint with Russia economic activities on the four Islands, we support the continuation of negotiations on this subject and economic projects that will benefit both parties,” he said. In this case, Abe has expressed displeasure with the strengthening of the Russian military presence on the southern part of the Kuril Islands during last month’s talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I can’t reveal all the contents of our conversation (with President Putin – approx. TASS),- said the head of government. – However, I made it clear to the Russian side that we regret

“News” mobile weapons accepted into service of the defense Ministry

The serviceman during the installation aerodynamically throws transmitter interference RB-341В “Leer-3” © Donat Sorokin/TASS MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) “Orlan-10” is officially accepted on arms of the Russian army; the drones will be part of the electronic warfare systems RB-341В “Leer-3”. About this newspaper “Izvestia” with reference to the representative of the military-industrial complex, familiar with the situation. “Tests of the new UAV is already finished. Upgraded “Orlan-10” tested in Syria. This year new drones for “Leer-3″ will be supplied to the troops. While products can send SMS and messaging. But soon this list will be added and small videos” – said the source publication. Complex “Leer-3” will start a three UAV “Orlan-10” that are managed from the point on the truck KAMAZ-5350. New drones can not only transmit information but also to perform the functions of the cell towers and reduce the GSM network. This “Eagle”

The number of victims of an avalanche in Italy increased to 18 people

The number of victims of avalanches at the hotel di Rigopiano Farindola in the Italian mountain of Gran Sasso rose to 18 people, reports local Agency ANSA.   According to journalists, from-under blockages were retrieved the body of a man. Thus, at the moment, listed as missing 11 people. Search-and-rescue operation at the site of the collapse continues.   Previously, experts reported that under the snow rubble in the Abruzzo region, where the mountain hotel on the night of January 19, has gone a powerful avalanche can be air bagsthat may still be survivors. Photo: ZUMAPRESS Ropi / Globallookpress

The U.S. Congress may prohibit Trump to have a nuclear war

In the Congress of the United States of America introduced a bill titled “Limitation of the first use of nuclear weapons”, which, according to the authors, should reduce the risk of nuclear conflict, the United States with other countries, reported RIA Novosti.   In the case of the bill, the President will lose the right to first nuclear strike without a formal Declaration of war by Congress.   “This law will forbid the President to put a nuclear first strike without a Declaration of war by Congress. The problem of “first-use” has become critically important now that President Donald trump has the right to start a nuclear war at any moment”, – said one of the sponsors, Senator from the Democratic party, Edward Markey.   The authors emphasize that at the moment the head of state has the right to give the order for nuclear strike at any time, in

The White house explained why trump wants to improve relations with Russia

The President of the United States Donald trump is confident that with good relations with the Russian Federation he will be able to make a deal that will meet the national interests of the United States, this was stated by White house spokesman Sean Spicer in a press briefing, reports TASS.   In addition, Spicer said that Trump could do because he “is well able to conclude the transaction.”   “He will do everything possible to defend the interests of our country. And if we manage to get along, he will sign such a deal, which would be in the best interests of our country,” added Spicer.   Donald trump had expressed the desire to establish good relations with Russia during his election campaign, and has not abandoned this rhetoric following the election of the President. In particular, he said that the joint fight against terrorists will be an effective

Lavrov will discuss with members at the “Government hour” relations with the United States and Syria

© Mikhail Japaridze/TASS MOSCOW, January 25. /TASS/. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov will speak at the “Government hour” in the state Duma. The Minister will discuss with MEPs the situation in the middle East, the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine, relations with the West, as well as the development of integration processes in the CIS space.

The UK Supreme court may have deprived the right independently to start Brexit

Theresa May The UK Supreme court has ordered Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Theresa may to seek approval from the Parliament before the beginning of Brexit. About it reports Reuters. This decision was taken by eight votes against three. “The Supreme court decided that the government could not enact article 50 without the approval of Parliament”, — said in a statement. In this case, that may not need to obtain the approval of the legislative bodies of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. According to the Agency, this decision will allow the British government to avoid a guaranteed blocking of the decision on withdrawal from the EU in any of these organs, but can significantly slow down the process Brexit. Despite the fact that the majority of the members of the British Parliament’s negative attitude towards withdrawal from the European Union, the opposition labour party has already stated that it

Russia has prepared a draft Constitution for Syria

International talks on the Syrian settlement in Astana The Russian delegation in Astana was handed over to representatives of the armed opposition of Syria, a draft Constitution for the Republic. On Tuesday, January 24, “Interfax” reported the head of the delegation, special envoy of the President of Russia SAR, Alexander Lavrentiev. “The draft Constitution currently in the hands of the armed opposition, and we expect their reactions, which for us is very important and interesting from the point of view of providing further aid,” he said. According to Lavrentyev, Russian specialists prepared a project to “accelerate the adoption of the Constitution of Syria and give it an additional impulse”. The talks in Astana ended the day on 24 January. During the meeting, Russia, Iran and Turkey agreed to establish a tripartite mechanism for monitoring observance of the truce in Syria. Currently, in the Arab Republic governed by a Constitution adopted