In relations between Russia and the U.S. will soon fall into place – foreign Ministry

In relations between Russia and the U.S. will soon fall into place. Crisis occurred during the presidency of Barack Obama, can be overcome only with time and subject to serious bilateral work. This statement at the government hour in the state Duma were made by the Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov.

“To overcome the severe damage caused to Russian-us interaction under Barack Obama, will take time and serious work. We, as the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is ready to take its part in the improvement of relations in the interests of our peoples and in the interests of global security and stability”, – stressed the Russian foreign Minister.


The Minister added that Moscow shares declared by President trump’s stance in favor of interaction. He stressed that “dialogue with the United States and the European Union cannot be built otherwise than on the principles of equality, mutual respect and consideration of each other’s interests”.

Sergei Lavrov also told about the meeting in Astana. According to him, Russia will boost cooperation on Syrian crisis with Iran, Turkey and other countries.

Photo: Oliver Contreras / / Globallookpress