The United States will deploy in Europe attack helicopters Apache

The U.S. defense Department is preparing to transfer to Europe of the 20 battalion attack helicopter Apache AH-64D 501st aviation regiment of the U.S. Army. This was reported on the official website of the American ground forces. It is known that the helicopters will be deployed in Europe in February 2017 for a period of at least nine months. The exact location of helicopters have not yet been reported.


The Apache helicopters will be involved in the operation “Atlantic determination”, which, according to the plan, NATO ensures the security of the countries of Eastern Europe.


In the same way the Americans have flown to Poland almost 90 Abrams tanks and 18 Paladin self-propelled howitzers. It is planned that NATO tanks will strengthen the protection of the Polish borders and to minimize the so-called “threat of invasion”.

Photo: imago / stock&people / Globallookpress