Fursenko has thought about the system of detection of pedophiles in schools

Andrei Fursenko

Assistant to the President of Russia Andrei Fursenko said that schools should operate a system of prevention and detection of cases of pedophilia, reports TASS.

“It’s part of society, this is not some cloned humans, was found in a unique location. To exclude the possibility that among them will be people with abnormal mentality, dishonest, impossible,” — said Fursenko, noting that in Russian schools there are 1.3 million teachers.

January 23 was launched preliminary examination after appearing in the media about violence against children in educational institutions “League of schools”. In the publication it was argued that the leaders of the “League schools” for 25 years made dissolute actions concerning the pupils. In 2015, the “League of schools” was reorganized and ceased to exist.

In September 2016 after a post journalist Ekaterina Krongauz in Facebook about the intimate relationship of the teacher of the Moscow school №57 Boris Meyerson with the sixth formers TFR has started preliminary examination. After that, the school has appointed new leadership. The former teacher became a defendant in a criminal case of indecent assault against a student.