Deputies proposed to give the veto power to transfer the property of the Church

Member of the Federation Council of St. Petersburg Vadim Tulips in the Duma introduced a bill giving MPs the right to veto the transfer of property of religious use of state property. On Wednesday, January 25, RIA Novosti reported.

Now the Federal law does not define the role of legislative bodies of constituent entities of Russia in addressing such issues. Senator proposed amendments seek to address this gap, the Agency said. The document is not yet registered in the database of bills in the Duma.

Tulips believes that the government needs to make a decision on the transfer of immovable property of the Church and plan this process only after consultation with legislators, as they should reflect the interests of voters. Moreover, this process, according to the Senator, should be made public.

According to the document, the lack of coordination with the deputies may be grounds for denial of the transfer of ownership or free use of state property for religious purposes.

Smolny decided to transfer to St. Isaac’s Cathedral in the use of the Russian Orthodox Church for 49 years after December 2016 to the Governor Georgy Poltavchenko with the request has addressed to Patriarch Kirill. The head of the city promised that the Museum function of the Church is fully preserved.

On 18 January in the city hall of the legislative Assembly clashed several deputies from the party “United Russia” and “Yabloko” Mikhail Nosovym due to disputes about the transfer of the Cathedral.