The Russian foreign Ministry has predicted a collapse in Afghanistan in case of us withdrawal

If the administration of U.S. President Donald trump will decide to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, the situation there becomes critical. As reported “Interfax”, said the Director of the Second Asia Department at the Russian foreign Ministry Zamir Kabulov.

“As far as I know, trump is nothing is not going to withdraw, which makes sense, because if in the present circumstances he will make the decision on the withdrawal of troops, then all will definitely collapse, — explained the diplomat. — We talked about this repeatedly”.

While Kabulov said that at the moment contacts in Moscow with the new us administration on the Afghan problem is not, as Washington has not yet made the appointment, and a partner in dialogue.

“Trump inherited a catastrophic situation from a bygone administration, and it is a big headache for him, — said the diplomat. — Such crazy money spent in Afghanistan that he’s probably a lot of questions to the people who carried out such policies”.

Trump in campaign speeches almost did not affect the Afghan issue, but during his inaugural speech promised to deal with Islamist terrorism to the last.

From 1996 to 2001, the authorities in Afghanistan were the representatives of the movement “Taliban” (banned in Russia). The overthrow of their regime contributed to the United States, who conducted a military operation after the attacks of 11 September 2001. Since then, the Taliban are opposed to the Afghan authorities.

They are particularly active after most of the soldiers of the NATO contingent present in the country, to December of 2014 left the territory of the state. Currently, the Taliban control parts of Afghanistan.