They stopped going and don’t even start: APU told about the “dead” BMP Poroshenko

The APU volunteer Roman Donik, known for its frequent appearances in publications of the Ukrainian press, has posted on his page in social network “Vkontakte” a revealing text in which critical comments about the technical condition of the Ukrainian army. According to Donica, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers handed over to the army in August 2016, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, that won’t start and “don’t even go”.


“Sampath company ordered soldiers to pull the ZIL out of the caponiers “behi”. Those “behi”, that was transmitted by the President in Chuhuiv recently. They just stopped going. Now don’t even start. Burned the clutch on the ZIL. There was nothing else to pull. So is the infantry. Now on the go nothing,” said Donica.





He also complained that even the little part of the armor that works, not provided with antifreeze and soldiers are unable to get it due to bureaucratic problems. The Ukrainian military, said Roman Donik, not even enough gun oil.


“Weapons and ammo manages CRO. And gun oil, gaseasca the rear. The weapons and ammo there, no oil. Because zampotylov as follows: even if something is there and its shaft, it is necessary to clamp and not to give. And then suddenly it will no longer”, – he wrote, adding that this is only a small fragment of one in the morning and “no don’t bother with the third year of the war”.


Technique, writes Roman Donik is the party of the 141 cars, which Poroshenko handed over to the APU on the occasion of independence Day of Ukraine.

Photo: Yury Biryukov / Facebook