Provocations in Crimea: why APU shooting at Russian drilling platforms

The current Kiev authorities don’t know what the provocation to go to the Black sea, to annoy, if not to say the Russians in Crimea. The blockade was arranged, the spies were sent, ships at sea block was trying. Now, as it turned out, fired on Russian drilling platform. And, believe me, only the visible part of “iceberg”: gritting his teeth angrily, Ukrainian nationalists, almost every day go on provocation.


Given the fact that the land boundary between Russia and Ukraine in the Crimea is about 170 kilometers (including the outlines of the shallow bays of Azov sea coast) and that it is securely covered as a border, and army units, the path for illegals here overlapped, and the fight will not break. But in the Black sea border stretches for 600 kilometers.


And it is this section somehow sees (or rather saw) the Ukrainian side the most accessible. To ensure reliable protection of Maritime boundaries of the Ukrainian Navy and border guards managed, as they say, in their own skin: they drove here by force of Russian warships repeatedly. But, as experience shows, special lessons learned or not.



“The actions of the Ukrainian Navy in the Black sea are provocative and pose a real threat to the safety of Maritime economic activities in Russia, but the Russian special services in cooperation with the Russian Navy to suppress them, – said the head of the coast guard, the Deputy head of the border service of FSB of Russia Admiral Gennady Medvedev. – Requires serious attention and that there are still real threats to the safety of Maritime economic activities in the Black sea. So, last year on March 31, one of the ships of naval forces of Ukraine made a provocative action, opened fire with automatic weapons on a Jack-up drilling rig “Tavrida” located in the Black sea”.


The incident until recently not publicized. And is said to be very competent people, firing the drilling platform of the Crimean state enterprise “Chernomorneftegaz” by the Ukrainian frigate “Hetman Sahaidachny” and the diving vessel “Pochaiv” – not a single case of such conflicts in the Black sea. This sin of “piracy” most of the Ukrainian naval border guards who are trying to “brakes” of the Russian court for inspection in international waters, which they consider old-fashioned its exclusive economic zone in the Black sea.



Our sailors openly sent them to hell, even without resorting to Morse code and semaphore, and in an ordinary ship “the megaphone”. In such situations, in sight immediately there is a Russian border patrol boat or a ship of the Navy of the black sea fleet, and prikordonniy prefer to leave and has already from a distance of 20 kilometers to request ship’s papers for inspection.


Kind of funny and harmless, but alarming persistence in the creation of such provocations who pursue Ukrainian border guards, especially as they are fairly aggressive and willing to use firearms. Do not want to imagine the situation if suddenly would not close Russian patrol.



“The saddest thing is that the Ukrainian border guards, or rather their commanders, strongly refuse any contacts with us, told “the Star” one of the officers of the Russian border service. – Contact was during all this time, in 2014, only one, and that the land boundary in the junk. But this is common practice – the boundary line representatives that can be performed on any of the adjacent territories. Especially in conflict situations on the border. With the same Japanese colleagues, the country which was not very user friendly, similar meetings were held regularly.



The result of the joint action on detention of violators and poachers. But it was in those days held a joint Russian-Japanese border exercises in the Pacific ocean. The Ukrainian side on these contacts flatly refuses to go, probably due to the fact that she commits illegal actions and looks at the Russian border exclusively through the slit of sight. So far, only look – feel strong and ready to repel any provocation at sea.”


Forces Maritime border guards and naval forces of Ukraine on the Black sea really a bit, but the desire to annoy enough. Apparently, for this reason, at the end of last year, the Ukraine Secretary of national defense and security of the country has asked NATO to help her… to arrange a provocation during the joint patrols in some areas of the Black sea. To do this, given the scarcity of their own ships, Kiev is ready to support the Alliance ships, leaving the use of the Ukrainian port, Odessa is likely that Crimea hand.


NATO this “service” if and appreciated, it is not accepted. Jokes with the Russians already backfired on the American destroyer Donald Cook (Donald cook), who made a hurried exit from the Black sea only after the flight and simulating the attack on the Russian Sukhoi su-24.



And now, when in the Crimea placed anti-ship missile complexes “Bastion” and “Ball”, is able to sweep the entire area to the Bosporus, it is unlikely someone wants to help Ukraine in the establishment of small and cheap provocation.


By the way, mentioned by Admiral Gennady Medvedev, the incident with the shelling of the Russian drilling rig was in the background, however, then without opening fire. Border patrol ship BG-50 “Gregory Kuropyatnikov” headed to the location of the Russian drilling rigs in international waters. On Board were representatives of law enforcement bodies and Central bodies of Executive power, whose purpose was “to document the illegal activities and collect evidence on the facts of aggression, seizure of objects and property of Ukraine and illegal industrial activities of the Russian Federation in the exclusive Maritime economic zone of Ukraine”.



I do not exclude the trivial variant of the power grip. However, the emergence of a patrol boat of the Navy of Russia “Inquisitive” Ukrainians forced to hastily turn around and run at full speed back to Odessa. Well, the current finding in the area of oil and gas fields in Russian territorial waters the patrol ship of the second rank “Amethyst” and all sobered not only prikordonnikov, but also the entire Ukrainian fleet, which recently almost entirely frozen into the ice in the port of Odessa.


But even when the ice melts and the Ukrainian ships will be able to go to sea, likely to commit acts of provocation they have not so much. However, as underwater saboteurs, which is so actively preparing Ukraine for getting to the Crimea.



In August last year the black sea fleet conducted anti-diversionary exercises, involving more than ten ships and support vessels, multipurpose naval helicopters Ka-27PS. Then on the Bank deployed the system radio navigation for detecting underwater objects of the enemy.


Well, the platforms themselves are securely protected with anti-sabotage grenade launcher DP-64 “Nepryadva” or DP-61 “Duel”, and regular hand grenades, the AWG-66, affecting frogmen in radius of 15-18 meters will be enough to ward off uninvited “underwater guests.”


Author: Viktor Sokirko