China will close more than a hundred Golf courses

Chinese authorities ordered the closure 111 of the currently existing 683 Golf courses. On Monday, January 23, reports The South China Morning Post.

Some of the facilities were built on illegally acquired arable lands and nature reserves. In the construction of several sports facilities were severely damaged the ecology of the country.

Campaign against illegal construction of Golf courses is conducted in China since 2011.

In China, Golf is considered a “sport for billionaires,” from 2004 officially banned the construction of new fields. However, many continue to do so, using loopholes in the law, wanting to satisfy the demand from rich people and to attract China tourists.

In 2015, members of the ruling Communist party has banned the country to join the Golf clubs, the newspaper notes. It is believed that there are discussed corruption in the business looking for the right connections among the officials and reported by the “red envelopes” (this phrase in China is indicated by a bribe).

In April 2016, Chinese officials once again allowed to play Golf.