China has deployed Intercontinental ballistic missiles near the border with Russia – media

Media reported about a possible placement by China of Intercontinental ballistic missiles of its own design, the DF-41 near the border with Russia. According to the newspaper Global Times, the missile appeared in the North-Eastern Heilongjiang province.


It is noted that on the eve of the Network has published pictures of the new missile. According to experts, these were made in Heilongjiang.


“Military analysts believe that it is probably the second strategic missile brigade of the DF-41, and that she had been placed in North-East China,” the newspaper said.


Some media believed that publication of the pictures could be associated with the inauguration of US President Donald trump.


“This could be Beijing’s response to the provocative statements of trump on China,” say the journalists.


In turn, the Hong Kong newspaper Apple Daily (excerpts quotes RIA Novosti) explains that one of the teams with missiles, the DF-41 is already in Xinyang in the Central province of Henan, the second, presumably, placed in the city of Daqing in Heilongjiang province, and the third will appear in the Xinjiang-Uighur region in Northwest China.


DF-41 is the most advanced Intercontinental ballistic missiles of its own design China. Their characteristics are classified. However, experts suggest that the range of these missiles can be up to 14 thousand kilometers, they are equipped with MIRV warheads, which includes 10 to 12 nuclear warheads of individual guidance.