The number of victims of an avalanche in Italy rose to 9

The number of victims of avalanches in the hotel “Rugapiana” in Italy has increased to nine. About this newspaper The Telegraph.

In the second half of the day on Monday, January 23, were found the bodies of a woman and two men. Missing are 20 people. 11 people survived the disaster. Earlier it was reported about the seven victims.

A few hours before the avalanche, the hotel owner Bruno di Tommaso, who at that time was on the Adriatic sea, authorities sent an urgent letter with a request to clear the road, so that guests were able to evacuate.

The earthquake that occurred earlier in the area had frightened people. They wanted to leave the hotel, but the only way that connects it to civilization, was covered with snow.

No attempt to evacuate the people before the avalanche of authorities have not undertaken, limiting the promise to send snow-removal equipment. However, her visit had been constantly postponed, in the end it did not come out.

Avalanche has covered “Rugapiana” on January 18. At this point the hotel was 40 people. The cause of the collapse of the snow was a series of tremors that occurred in the area of the mountain massif of Gran Sasso d’italia. Three earthquakes of magnitudes ranging from 5.3 to 5.5 was recorded on the same day in the morning.