Greek farmers began to block roads with tractors for higher taxes

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Greek farmers started to block the road with tractors and other machinery in protest against taxes. It is reported by the Athens News Agency (ANA).

The first event was attended by farmers from Veria, located in the province of Central Macedonia in Northern Greece.

“We start the rallies, mobilise supporters, as farmers are coming rainy days. We can not deal with the tax burden and rising costs of production, it is a question of survival,”— said the President of the Association of farmers taxis Halkidis.

The protesters intend to block the road and a number of buildings in which are located the bodies of local government.

As expected, the peak of the protests should be on 24 January, when the stock will be joined by farmers from many regions of the country.

On December 8 last year in Greece there was a national strike declared against the labor reform and the austerity measures, which require from Athens the EU and the IMF.

In the summer of 2015 Greece and the EU agreed on the program of an exit from debt crisis. Athens will receive $ 86 billion euros over three years. In exchange for the money in the country should be put on economy mode, which provides, inter alia, reform the tax and pension systems.