Chinese official sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes

Former Deputy Chairman of the main Advisory body of China all — China Committee of National political consultative Council of China su Rong (Su Rong) was sentenced to life in prison for taking bribes in 116 million yuan (16.8 million dollars). On Monday, January 23, reports “Xinhua”.

The sentence passed by the court of Jinan city in Shandong province. Su guna also deprived of political rights, his property shall be confiscated.

According to the investigation, su Rong abused official position, holding various management positions from 2002 to 2014, took bribes personally or through proxies.

According to the Agency, the former official is not going to appeal the verdict.

After the election of the President of China in March 2013, XI Jinping, urged to struggle with corruption, striking “and the tiger and the fly”, that is, sparing neither small, nor the most senior officials. Since then, the time dozens of officials have been punished for violation of party discipline and corruption.