The diplomat spoke about the Syrian talks in Astana

A soldier of the guard of honor in Astana

The negotiations in Astana are hard, said the Minister Counsellor of Russia to Kazakhstan Alexander Musienko. His words on Sunday, January 22, RIA Novosti reported.

“The negotiations are difficult, viscous, but time should be given to our negotiators that they have accomplished their mission,” — said the diplomat.

He stressed that “for one day such issues are not solved”. “I can only for the Russian delegation to say that the attitude of most militant, resolute, we are trying to negotiate with everyone, and we will strive towards this”, he said.

According to Musienko, the delegations of Russia, Iran and Turkey are working on the final document, and “now all this busy”.

In Astana held a trilateral consultations on the issues of the Syrian settlement in the run-up to international meetings on this issue, which is expected to begin on 23 January and will last two days.

Earlier on Sunday it was reported that the main goal of talks on Syria in Astana will be the confirmation of the armistice agreements concluded at the end of December.

Participation in the negotiations confirmed seven parties: the government and the opposition in Syria, Russia, Turkey, Iran, USA and the UN special envoy on Syria Staffan de Mistura. Almost all of the delegation except representative offices of the SAR, have already arrived in Kazakhstan. The delegation of the Syrian government is expected on Sunday.