The White house accused the American media in an attempt to deprive trump of legitimacy

Donald Trump

The head of the White house Raines, Primos accused the American media of the desire to delegitimize the President of the United States Donald trump. An opinion he expressed in an interview with Fox News channel Sunday, January 22, writes The Hill.

“It’s not the size of the audience [who was present at the inauguration of the trump]. The case in the attacks and attempted to delegitimize this President in one day. And we are not going to sit idly by and tolerate this (…) every day We will fight for life and death”, — said Pribis.

Earlier on January 21, the press Secretary of trump Sean Spicer in a briefing criticized the media for spreading false information about the number of people present at the ceremony of inauguration of the new head of state. “It was the largest audience ever watching the inauguration, as at present personally and to the world,” writes the Hill.

Senior Advisor to the American leader, Kellyann Conway also stated the need to review relations with the press.

Trump was sworn in as the 45th U.S. President on January 20. According to media reports, the ceremony was attended by more than 800 thousand people.

After the inauguration in several U.S. cities held protests against the new President. In particular, in new York, about 600 thousand people marched from the UN building to skyscraper trump tower on Fifth Avenue. The trump commented on the demonstrations in his Twitter.

“Yesterday, watching the protests. But I was under the impression that the election just passed! Why are these people not vote?” — he wrote.