The protests against the trump swept the world

The wave of protests against new US President Donald trump has swept across the world. In the German capital Berlin, hundreds of people gathered near the Brandenburg gate. The protesters expressed dissatisfaction with trump’s statements about immigration policy.


To strengthen security measures at the U.S. Embassy had in the UK. More than 500 protesters outside the U.S. Embassy in London began to beat an effigy of the new President. The police tried to disperse them, but that only provoked the protesters.


In Montreal, demonstrators marched through the streets of the city, and then began to burn American flags. Police and local authorities are asked to disperse the demonstrators, but instead dissatisfied almost stormed the nearest shopping centre and gave it a protest.


A similar rally was held at the U.S. Embassy in Mexico, on the border with which trump promised to build a wall.

Photo: Cris Faga / Globallookpress